Художник Дмитрий Аске


“Female portrait”

paper, graphics


Since the 2000s he was engaged in graffiti, illustration and graphic design. Currently creates multi-layered plywood reliefs and works of monumental graphics. Aske has developed his own recognizable style: he makes an image of clearly defined geometric shapes filled with bright local colors. The winner of the competition of public art “Atmosfera” (2016).Reads public lectures and leads the popularization of street art kulturyplavno moving from writing on the walls to digital graphics and illustrations, over the past few years, Aske has collaborated with many well-known brands, including Nike, Reebok, Sony PlayStation, Nokia, Stussy, Red Bull, Wired, Computer Arts Magazine, etc. Aske’s Works have been published in many books and magazines devoted to graffiti, graphic design and illustration in Russia, the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Brazil and China. In 2010, Print Magazine, USA, selected Aske, along with nineteen other young artists from around the world, for their special annual release ,New visual artists, aged 20 to 30.Having spent several years creating digital art, since 2011 Aske has focused on creating tangible works of art: canvases, plywood reliefs and paintings. His works of plywood tiles were shown at various exhibitions and were very well received by both art lovers and Russian and international blogs. At present, Aske continues to develop his art, paying more attention not only to the visual side of his works, but also to the ideas and concepts behind them.