Художница Ирина Дрозд


“Light dessert”, 2018

oil on canvas


“In my works I explore the nature of good and evil in man, an attempt to trace and fix this line between the sign “+” and the sign “-” is one of the main tasks. In my work, I often refer to the period of childhood as a special state of human life, and children as people who have the flexibility of consciousness and thinking, do not yet have a clear position in relation to the world around them, easily accepting what comes to them from the outside. In this connection, there is a collective image of a human escapist (even a child) who plays games, intentionally carrying out an escape from reality, as if juggling meanings, roles and statuses that arise around such binary pairs: good – evil, innocence – passion, quiet – loud, spirit – flesh, prey – predator, desired – real. The appeal to contrasting colors in painting is also not accidental: if the white, untouched by paint canvas is a symbol of innocence and spirituality, then red is a symbol of sacrificial blood, the greatness of hell in Christianity.”

Irina Drozd


      Main works: