Художница Наталья Спечинская



9 works from the series “Christmas toys”, 2018

oil on canvas


“.. most of all, perhaps, I am inspired by the energy of random: a spot of rust, a drip of paint, a color spot. Of course, the main thing for me is color. I Express emotions to them, convey meaning through them.

However, it seems to me that painting is a self-sufficient language that does not require special interpretation, giving the viewer the opportunity to own perception and own understanding of the work..»

Natalia Sicinska



Artist, the main activity – painting and drawing.

The main means of expressing an idea is color. Born in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). Given some natural talent and a lot of creative characters in the genes, including great-grandparents: “human – writer – citizen” Vsevolod Vishnevsky and composer Sigmund Katz, with art all determined from 5 years — Olga Nekrasova Studio in the Hermitage, then – LSHH at the Academy of Arts, Academy (Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin), Herzen state pedagogical University. Herzen painting class.

From 2016 to the present moment the resident of the Studio “Unconquered 17”.

His works are in private collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Frankfurt am main and Freiburg (Germany), Paris (France), Quito (Ecuador), new York and Seattle (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Riga (Latvia).