Художница Ирина Колесникова

“The greatness of the city”, 2017

oil on canvas



Famous Odessa artist, author of bright, colorful paintings was born in 1975, in Odessa. In the period from 1987 to 1992, the future artist studied at the Odessa art school named after Grekov. During her studies at school she took an active part in various competitions and student exhibitions. In 1993-1998 she Continued her studies at Odessa pedagogical University. K. D. Ushinsky (at the art-graphic faculty).

Since 2000, the author has been actively developing his creative work.She has repeatedly participated in regional and national exhibitions. Participation in student art exhibitions of international level prepares itself for the future profession of the artist. Already in that period, the artist’s desire to decorative, to use the Ukrainian ornament in paintings is noticeable. Bright, optimistic works attract the attention of the public and critics. In the paintings of the artist decorative ornament, juicy color of the South of Ukraine organically intertwined with women’s images. Dancing girls and fabulous thoughtful beauties surrounded by ornaments of flowers and fruits are the hallmark of the artist Irina Kolesnikova.And its fine scenery from the large bright areas of colour very accurately convey the spirit of nature. They are modern, free and easy.


In the period from 2002 to 2010, the artist takes part in the largest exhibitions in Ukraine. In 2013, Irina received a master’s degree in HUD – graph OPU. The theme of her thesis is the study of details as an element of female portrait in easel composition. In the period from 2013, the artist holds a number of solo exhibitions mainly in Odessa and Kiev. Now Irina Kolesnikova’s works are actively sold in Ukraine and far abroad.