Анатолий Акуе | Anatoly Akue


“Gray-green abstraction”

Canvas, acrylic, aerosol paint, marker


Versatile Russian artist, who began his career in 1997 with the drawing of graffiti. Creative Anatolia characterized by a constant desire to experiment with style and technique of execution. Over the years, he has changed many techniques and approaches to creativity, from detailed graphics to abstraction, from cylinder to oil, from wall to canvas, from spontaneity to detailed presence. The main interest and theme of the author’s works is the study of the human mind, its unlimited qualities and abilities. The content of the latest works of Akue was strongly influenced by Buddhism.



“Untitled”, 2017

acrylic on Canvas, spray paint, marker



Since 2010, the artist travels a lot in Russia and all over the world thats why he is actively engaged in educational activities: holds creative meetings, master classes, etc. In 2014, the works of Akue were exhibited at the I Moscow Biennale of street art “Artmossfera” at the exhibition “Parts of the walls” in the gallery RuArts, as well as in 2015 in the framework of #Project64 at VDNH